UK Customer Satisfaction Index 2016

Following from my article about John Lewis (23.06.16) several readers have emailed me to ask what other interesting information is featured in the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index. Here are some interesting snippets from the latest research.

  • The biggest year-on-year sector increases are for Utilities, Public Services, and Insurance.
  • Amazon is the highest scoring organisation, although their score is slightly lower than a year ago.
  • The greatest differences between the top 50 organisations and the rest are focused mainly around people measures, complaint handling and the speed of service.
  • T-Mobile has seen the biggest increase in customer satisfaction (9 points) compared to a year ago.
  • The 25 - 34 age group, and the over 65 age group, have seen the biggest increase in customer satisfaction compared to a year ago.
  • Wales is the part of the UK with the highest customer satisfaction. South West England is the only part of the UK whose satisfaction has fallen compared to a year ago.
  • Women have higher customer satisfaction than men in every sector except Automotive. 

UK Customer Satisfaction Index, January 2016.
Institute of Customer Service.