Barclays robots leave me in a frustrated rage

Special Guest Blogger - Philip Gwynne

Yesterday I found a Barclays credit card in the street outside my house. Clearly someone had dropped it or lost it. Being an honest person, my first thought was not: “Let’s forge a signature and wipe out this person’s bank account”, but: “Someone may not even realise they've lost their card and will panic when they find out."

So, I phoned the customer service number on the card. It took a while for my call to be answered… by a machine... to be told that this number was no longer valid and I should phone another number instead.

Having scribbled down the new number, I called to report I’d found one of their cards. I was greeted by a robot who wanted me to speak clearly my name, security password and date of birth. Three times I went round in circles trying to tell a robot I wasn’t a customer and simply wanted to report a found card. It just kept saying: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand that”.

Eventually, the machine gave up and passed me on to a real person speaking in a foreign accent from a long way away. The whole process took 20 minutes out of my day, and shouting at a stupid machine did nothing for my blood pressure!

It’s this kind of unthinking, unfeeling, robotised so-called "customer service" that drives many of us to the point of frustrated rage.

And ensures I’ll now NEVER become a Barclays customer!

Philip J Gwynne
The NAKED Marketing Company



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