Survey reveals poor service in the UK

Last week, the Institute of Customer Service published new research results showing the service failings of UK companies. The research asked 2,000 consumers about the levels of customer service they experience.

The survey revealed that:
  • 1 in 6 consumers experience poor customer service at least once a week
  • 84% think customer facing staff need more training
  • ‘Employees lacking the capability to be of immediate help’ and ‘disinterested staff’ are the biggest customer service bugbears, named by 56% and 51% of those surveyed, respectively
  • 43% of people said they wouldn’t make a second purchase from companies who provide poor customer service.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service said: “Excellent customer service is something we all demand and something we all expect, yet it is clearly not something we all see.  Anything less than the best service risks customers taking their business elsewhere and, in today’s uncertain economy, there are no organisations that can afford to take long-term customer relationships for granted."

“With 70 percent of the UK’s working population in a customer-facing role the impact that good service can have on customer retention and repeat purchase should be the number one concern of any Boardroom."

"Service skills may come naturally for some, but where they are absent, they can be still be learned.  Successful executive teams realise that by focusing on service skills development they are investing in the long-term stability and future of their organisation.”


Institute of Customer Service, August 2016