Blogging all over the world!

I haven't checked the statistics section of this blogging site for a long time, so I decided to do it earlier today. I was aware that we now have nearly 20,000 readers, but I assumed that most of them were based in the UK.

The reason that this site is called 'The Customer Service Blog UK' is because I wanted to set up a blog aimed mainly at British businesses and consumers. 

This is because (unfortunately) good customer service doesn't seem to be taken as seriously in the UK as it is in many other countries, especially the USA where providing excellent customer service is taken VERY seriously.

So it came as a very pleasant surprise for me to discover that, in addition to the UK, we actually have lots of readers based all over the world. Below I have reproduced our current readership breakdown. I am absolutely fascinated by the large number of readers we have in Slovakia! If anyone knows why so many Slovakians read this blog, then I would love to know the reason!

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for making this the UK's leading blog on Customer Service, and to welcome all of our loyal readers, both in the UK, and all around the world.

Readership Breakdown by Country

(figures provided by Google Blogger and certified as correct on 7th December 2016. NB: this list shows the Top 10 countries only).

United Kingdom - 8,780
United States - 3,310
Slovakia - 3,115
Germany - 875
France - 509
Ireland - 494
Russia - 250
Sweden - 136
China - 116
Ukraine - 39

Oh and just one other thing...
Dobrý deň, Slovensko!