Am I really expecting too much?

Special Guest Blogger - Barbara Dinsdale

Am I really expecting too much when it comes to basic standards of customer service?

I have encountered appalling responses recently in three very different scenarios.

Case 1 - I am still waiting for the return of a garment which I sent to a local cleaners that I've used for several years and who have always provided a good service. 

They pick up and return to the office, turnaround in 24 - 48 hours and are reasonably priced. In August I asked them to do a simple alteration (I'm told they outsourced it) which, when it was returned, was completely unacceptable. It was collected the following day to be corrected and, despite numerous phone calls and more recently emails, it has still not been returned.

Case 2 - Despite responding to three additional requests by a Board of Trustees and being promised a response "by the end of the week", two full weeks later, I had to telephone them to be told, "I was going to get round to it today - you're on my to-do list!"

Case 3 - A sub-standard print job to which I emailed the printer and explained the issue. I received a patronising response about ‘tolerance limits’ with the words: "...if it's a discount you’re looking for…” (which I wasn't).

The point I'm making is that all of these cases could, in my opinion, have been handled better. Or is it just me?

A Recent Update

By way of a brief update, I've spoken to the cleaning company today and they have promised to 'find it' and have it delivered today or by tomorrow at the latest - I'll keep you posted.

With regards to the printer, he has issued a credit note for 50% of the invoice and hopes he can do business with me again!

Barbara Dinsdale
Head of Lifestyle, Heart Research UK