Customer Loyalty Training

I recently hosted a seminar on the subjects of customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer service.

The seminar looked at why customers become loyal to a particular company or brand, how to build and keep long-term loyalty, and how to use it for the benefit of your organisation.

The seminar was attended by 20 people from a range of private sector, public sector, and third sector organisations, and the feedback was very positive with two-thirds of attendees ranking the event “excellent” or “very good” in an independent anonymous survey.

Here are some of the comments:

“A very good refresher and thought-provoking session.”

“Great session - well done.”

“It was a great intro.”

“Learning points and content overall were excellent.”

“Good mix of people, backgrounds and experience kept the event flowing. Most useful was the content in the presentation relating to studies.”

“Enjoyed the session.”

“Lots of info in a very short a time.”

“Loved the subject matter - left me wanting to know much more. Loved the examples that brought the session to life. Loved the relaxed atmosphere you created. Loved the conversation in the room. Overall informative and enjoyable.”

“Useful, informative, good interaction from other attendees. Well worth the investment in time.”

“It was centrally located so easy to access. It was a small group. The information was accredited. Slides were brief and there were not too many. Interaction was very useful.”

Several more seminars and training sessions are planned for Spring 2017 on subjects including customer loyalty, customer service, innovative marketing, communications and writing skills.

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