It's an American Takeover!!

The headline is perhaps a little bit dramatic - but it caught your attention didn't it ?!?! 

The reason I've chosen this particular headline for today's blog article is because we have just received this month's confirmed statistics from our blog hosting company, and we can exclusively reveal that we now have more readers in the USA than in the United Kingdom.

This site was originally set up to offer a unique perspective on customer service in Great Britain - hence the name The Customer Service Blog UK - but over the last few months our readership has been growing amongst our American friends. We now have a confirmed readership of 16,136 people who are based in the United States of America - that's slightly more than the number of readers in the UK.

Our total worldwide readership is now 41,689, including people from over 40 different countries.The table below shows our current readership in the Top Ten countries. Thanks to all the people in the USA, and all around the world, for making this one of the fastest growing customer service blogs in the world!