More rubbish from Tesco

Yesterday I received an email from Tesco telling me that they have delayed their decision to change the rewards on offer through their Clubcard scheme.
Strangely, I never received the first email sent out to Clubcard holders a few day ago that outlined the “immediate” changes which have now been delayed. But never mind, I saw it in the media anyway. Just like millions of other angry customers.
The email I received today said: “Over the last few days, we’ve listened to feedback from our customers who said they want more time to adjust to these changes, so we’ve delayed them until 10 June 2018. Which means you can still redeem your vouchers at 4x their value until then at”
So ‘well done’ to Tesco for listening to customer feedback!!!
But does anyone really believe this ridiculous hogwash? It’s obviously a massive cop-out. And it just sounds silly when everyone knows the truth. Maybe Tesco would have won more respect from their customers if they had been been totally honest in the email.
So to help the Tesco marketing department, I have rewritten the email for them. This is my rewritten 'honest' version:
“We decided to save money by cutting the value of rewards you get with your Clubcard. But we didn’t want a flood of people trying to cash in their reward vouchers before the changes came into effect. So we decided to announce the changes with no prior warning. We thought no one would notice this nasty little trick that effectively robs our own customers. But unfortunately we were caught out by numerous people including the money saving expert Martin Lewis, the BBC, most national newspapers, and The Customer Service Blog."
“To cut a long story short, someone in our marketing department made a massive cock-up and didn’t do their research before introducing these changes. Schoolboy error. So we’ve decided to try to salvage some customer respect by delaying the changes until 10th June 2018. Which means you can still redeem your vouchers at 4x their value until then at”
Much more honest, don’t you think?