A Customer Service Joke!!

Here's a true story. It might sound like a joke, but believe me this is true. And you're going to have to read right to the end to get the punchline.
A few hours ago I was wondering what to cook for my evening meal, and I really fancied a particular type of stuffed crust pizza that I always buy from a particular shop. This is because, having tested out many supermarket pizzas, this shop sells my favourite.
So I drove the two miles to this particular store in Leeds, purely to buy one solitary pizza and then drive straight back home to cook it.
Now for the benefit of our readers around the world, I need to explain that this week the United Kingdom has been going through some of the worst snow and icy weather that we have had for a very long time in this country.
And with that in mind, some schools, offices and other places of work have been closed (especially in rural areas) as it's been difficult for people to get to work in areas where the snow has been particularly bad. But that shouldn’t apply to a large well-known shop close to the centre of Britain’s fourth biggest city!!
So anyway, I drove to this particular store which I knew for certain doesn't close until 8.00pm and there was even a big sign on the door confirming they would be open until 8.00pm.
I arrived at 7.15pm. But guess what? The doors were locked and they weren’t allowing any customers to go in, even though all the lights were on and I could clearly see several members of staff inside chatting with each other. In other words, they had closed early without telling anyone (presumably using the snow as an excuse for the early closure).
But this didn't make any sense at all, since there were still staff inside the shop, seemingly doing very little work.
Now you would have thought that if their excuse for closing early was because of the bad weather, then all the lights would have been out and the staff would have already gone home.
It was annoying that I had wasted a four mile round journey in the snow, just to buy one single item, when the shop had inexplicably closed early - even though there were clearly staff still inside.
By now, you are probably becoming impatient for the punchline to this joke. So here it comes…
Can you guess the name of the store that had wasted my time by closing early due to the snow?