How to be more successful through better decision making

In a recent piece of research conducted by Hiscox, a list of the top 10 reasons for business failures was compiled. Top of the list was starting a business for the wrong reasons, followed by insufficient capital, improper planning and poor leadership. Other reasons in the list included expanding too quickly, failure to advertise, lack of differentiation and underestimating the competition.
There is no doubt that all of these factors are important in determining success or failure. But there is one overriding factor which is more important than all of these. And in some respects this factor incorporates all the other things put together.
So what is the magical ingredient that determines success or failure?
The answer is simple: good decision-making.
Making the right decision at the right time is the overriding factor that will determine the success or failure of any business. In fact, making the right decisions on a personal level will determine whether someone is successful throughout their entire lives.
But how do you make the right decisions? Is it all down to instinct, luck, experience, qualifications or intelligence?
Or is there something else that determines whether or not we make the right decisions in business and in life?
Good decision-making skills can be learnt. It is possible to use a variety of tested tools, methods and proven models, to ensure that when we make decisions, they are the right ones.
These decision-making tools and methods are equally important both in our businesses and also in our personal lives. Making the right decisions can change your entire life.
Business expert Darren Bugg has created a one-day course that will equip you with all the tools you need to make better decisions, ultimately leading to a more successful business and personal life. This one-day course is based on a fully accredited four-week programme that Darren teaches to postgraduate students in higher education.
Darren's innovative one-day course in decision-making skills is delivered to companies and organisations on an 'in-house' basis across the UK.
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