Our Top 10 most popular articles

Since this blog began in June 2016, over 300 articles have appeared on the site. Some of our regular readers have recently written to ask which are the most popular articles we have ever published.

We have checked the statistics section of our hosting company and compiled a list the most popular articles ever to appear on The Customer Service Blog.

The following list shows the 10 most read articles on this website. All of these articles are still online and can be found by doing a search using the search tool at the top of this page.

1. Are your Customers Barnacles or Butterflies?

2. Customers being ripped-off by holiday 'offers'

3. What is the UK's worst hotel chain?

4. Make a BIG gesture to reward loyalty

5. How to deal with too much success (Part 2)

6. Yet more problems with Lidl

7. Loyal customers love public appreciation

8. Why are customers loyal in some business sectors but not others?

9. Why do NHS managers love gobbledegook?

10. What can 'I, Daniel Blake' teach us about Customer Service?