Would you eat this rubbish?

Serious question folks: if you went to a restaurant and was served food that was completely burnt, would you refuse to pay for it unless you were served a new meal that had been cooked properly?

I'm quite certain that's what I would do, and I suspect that the vast majority of readers of this blog would do the same.

So I was completely shocked when somebody on LinkedIn posted a photograph of a meal they had been served (see above) gushing about how wonderful the restaurant was, and raving about how fantastic their pizza was. Eh?!?!

Please look at the photo above and tell me what you think! 

I think it's patently obvious that this food is completely burnt and inedible. The entire edge of the pizza is burnt to charcoal, and the dough balls are also visibly burnt.

But aside from the food quality issue, burnt food products like this (that are high in certain carbohydrates) can pose a very serious health risk. If you don't believe me then click on this link from Birmingham University which explains the connection between some burnt food items and cancer. Burnt carbohydrate foods are dangerous!!

So, as the editor of Britain's leading blog on customer service, when I saw this photo on LinkedIn, I posted a very reasonable and truthful comment saying that I thought the food looked burnt, and that if I had been given this pizza myself, I would have refused to pay.

Surely this is a very reasonable and honest comment from a customer service (and pizza) expert like myself. I would hope that all readers of this blog (and anyone else who cares about customer service) would agree with me on this.

But what I didn't expect, was to receive a really nasty reply from this so-called 'Business Coach' on LinkedIn - publicly calling me a 'dick' and saying how rude I was!! 

If anyone seriously thinks this pizza looks "delicious", then they must have very low standards indeed. But it gets worse... the 'Business Coach' who posted this message on LinkedIn also has a page on Instagram that aims to (quote) “try all of the best vegan food in the UK.” I wonder if she got a free meal (or discount) and therefore felt obliged to keep the restaurant happy by writing a positive review?  


Please note: To protect the identity of the people involved, I have blanked out names and personal photos from the LinkedIn screenshot below.