Time to Celebrate: we have 200,000 readers!

The Customer Service Blog has just hit the amazing milestone of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND readers! Official figures confirm that on 21st September 2021 we had 200,258 readers. This includes around 41,000 people in the UK and around 38,000 people in the USA.

Since January 2021 we have acquired 50,000 new readers across Europe and in places further afield such as Indonesia (where we now have around 22,000 readers) and Hong Kong (where we have 28,000 readers).

Many thanks to all our readers across the globe for helping to make this the fastest growing customer service blog in the world! We have got some exciting plans to expand over the next year, including branching out into social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

A breakdown of the readership in our Top 10 countries is shown below (Source: Google Blogger - 21.09.21)