It's an American takeover!

The Customer Service Blog is the UK’s leading blog on the subject of customer service, customer experience and customer loyalty. Our headquarters are located in the city of Leeds England, but it might surprise many people to discover that over three-quarters of our readers are actually based outside the UK.

And this week, for the first time since we began publishing in June 2016, the UK is no longer the country where we have the most subscribers.

Yes, you guessed it!! For the very first time, the USA has now overtaken the UK as the country that has the most subscribers to this blog.

According to official data from our Internet Service Provider, we now have 42,800 readers in the USA, compared to 42,600 readers in the UK. In total, we now have over 210,000 readers around the globe, and the table at the bottom of this page shows the readership numbers in our top 15 countries.

We are proud to be Britain’s leading blog on customer service. But we have always had an international approach. We have almost 43,000 readers in the USA, over 28,000 readers in Hong Kong, over 22,000 readers in Indonesia, and thousands of other readers throughout the whole of Europe, Asia, America, and the rest of the world.

Wherever you live, we hope you have a very Happy New Year!