Exposed: the criminals behind black market fakes

Who is behind the rise of black market fake products in the UK? The BBC reporter Livvy Haydoc spent six months investigating the people flooding the UK with fake clothes, fake handbags, and even fake medicinal items.

During the course of her investigation Livvy met an importer of fake goods who was ready to sell numerous fake items at markets around the country. She also explored the back alley clothes sweatshops making fake products actually within the UK.

Livvy also met the people manufacturing and selling counterfeit Xanax pills. These pills were in the headlines recently, with over 200 deaths in the UK since 2015 attributed to fake copies of the drug. Xanax is legally available, but only on private prescription, and this has resulted in young customers turning to the black market for their fix.

She also talked to drug dealers selling fake Xanax to children as young as 14, along with others who use customers as 'human guinea pigs' to test whether their product is safe.

With unique access to the people behind the black market, this fascinating BBC TV programme reveals who is behind fake products in the UK.
You can watch this BBC programme by clicking here