The Customer Service Blog Hits New Record!

The Customer Service Blog has just achieved a new record! Last month (February 2023) we achieved 14,553 article views within a single month - the best viewing figures since the blog began in 2016.

Our viewing figures peaked on 17th February when we had an amazing 1,474 people viewing the website in a single day. These figures are now growing exponentially as we gain thousands of new readers every week across the globe, and especially in the USA and the UK. We now have almost 270,000 readers around the world, including over 75,000 readers in the USA, over 50,000 readers in the UK, and over 29,000 readers in Hong Kong. The largest jump in readership has been in the USA where we have gained over 10,000 readers since the middle of last year.

The graph below shows our total monthly viewing figures going back to when we started publishing the blog in June 2016.