Business writers wanted for this website

Would you like to become a business writer? The Customer Service Blog has got almost 300,000 readers across the world, making it a great way to get your articles seen by a large international business audience. We've got a team of enthusiastic worldwide business writers contributing articles to this blog - and we want more! So why not send us one of your articles?

About your Article
1. The article should contain roughly between 700 to 900 words (maximum 1,000) and it must be directly relevant to customer service, customer loyalty, or customer satisfaction.
2. Your article must be unique and exclusive. We do not publish articles that have been used on other websites, or which you intend to publish on other sites in the future.
3. The article must be completely honest and accurate, and the writer must accept full legal responsibility for what they have written.
4. Your article must be written in an impartial way, and not just a blatant attempt to promote your own company. However, we are happy for you to give your company contact details (eg. website and email) at the end of the article.
Before sending your article, please email the editor giving brief details of what you intend to write about. We will then get back to you, to confirm if your article is suitable for this web site.