Over 300,000 reasons to celebrate!

It's time to celebrate! This month, The Customer Service Blog hit the amazing milestone of 300,000 readers! Official figures confirm that on 25th October 2023 we had 302,340 readers. This includes around 55,000 people in the UK and around 86,000 people in the USA.

So far in 2023 we have acquired just over 50,000 new readers across Europe and in places further afield such as Hong Kong (where we now have around 29,000 readers) and Germany (where we have around 20,000 readers).

But the really big success story has been the USA, where our readership has doubled in the last few years. In fact we now have more readers in the USA than any other country, including the UK where we are based.

Many thanks to all our readers across the globe for helping to make this the fastest growing customer service blog in the world! We have got some exciting plans for the future, including the expansion of our Facebook page, and a new channel on YouTube.

A breakdown of the readership in our Top 10 countries is shown below (Source: Google Blogger - 25.10.23)