The American Articles

The Customer Service Blog UK was set up (as the name suggests) to give a unique perspective on customer service and customer loyalty within the United Kingdom.
But one thing we didn't expect was the large number of readers we would acquire who are based in the United States. We currently have 46,500 readers worldwide, of which almost 18,000 are based in the USA.
Regular readers will already know that when I was younger I spent eight months living and working in the USA, and I have remained a frequent visitor to the country over the last three decades. In fact I have visited over a third of all the states of the USA.
So I have a great interest in the way that customer service is done in the States, and I think the British have a  lot to learn from America about providing exceptional service to our customers.
Below is a collection of all the articles from this blog that are about customer service in the USA, and there are plenty more articles planned for the future: