What are YOUR New Year Resolutions?

Happy New Year!!! What are your New Year Resolutions?
One of my own resolutions for 2018 is to get fit and lose at least one stone in weight. But funnily enough, that was also one of my resolutions last year. And the year before. And the year before.
But 365 days later, I am literally only a few pounds lighter than I was a year ago. Aaaggghhhh!!!!!
So all my good intentions about getting fit and losing weight at the start of 2017 have not really been achieved, apart from a very slight improvement. And there are millions of other people out there who have made similar resolutions, but have also failed to keep them.
Losing weight and getting fit is one of the most common New Year resolutions that people make. And that’s why, at this time of year, millions of people across the globe join gyms and health clubs with the intention of losing weight and getting fit. January is the month that health clubs rub their hands with glee at the thought of gaining numerous new customers who, just like me, are full of good intentions.
So it’s concerning to hear that Citizens Advice received an average of six complaints every day during 2017 about gyms and fitness clubs. The organisation is now advising consumers to think carefully before signing up for gym memberships in 2018.
In fact, during 2017 Citizens Advice has helped to sort out around 3,500 problems involving gyms and fitness studios. And during the year, 60,000 people looked at its web pages for advice on how to cancel their gym membership.
Among the typical complaints were:
  • gyms being closed for long periods of time
  • classes being shorter than advertised
  • poor quality facilities
  • people being held in a contract unfairly

According to Kate Hobson from Citizens Advice: "At this time of year we're bombarded with offers for health and fitness memberships, which can ask for a lot of money or commitment up front. It's really important to do your homework before you sign up to any gym, health club or fitness studio. Make sure you know how long you're committing for, how much it will cost you, and think about how often you'll need to use it for it to make sense on your budget."
And as for me? Armley Health Centre is only a short walk from my house and I intend to be in their swimming pool at least twice a week throughout the whole of 2018. Will I keep to this New Year resolution? Probably not.

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