What is your WORST experience of customer service?

Have you recently had a really bad experience of customer service? We are looking for guest writers to tell us about any bad experiences they have had involving customer service - and how the problem could have been handled better by the company concerned.

About your Article

1. Your article should contain about 500 - 700 words and must be directly relevant to customer service, customer loyalty, or customer satisfaction. 

2. The article must be unique and exclusive. We will not publish articles that have been used elsewhere in other publications or websites.

3. The article needs to be honest and accurate, and you must accept legal responsibility for what you have written.

4. We're not looking for articles that are derogatory or overly negative. Although the article should be about bad customer service, it's important that you also say how the company could have handled things better and give constructive suggestions for future improvement. 

If you are interested...

Before submitting your article please first email darrenbugg@live.com with an outline of your article idea. We will then get back to you to confirm it is suitable for publication. 

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