The horrors of a UK 'Staycation'

As the hospitality industry tries to make up for the financial losses of the last 18 months, the brilliant investigative reporter Mobeen Azhar explores the concept of ‘staycations’ (the term referring to British people having vacations in the UK, rather than going abroad).

In this investigation Mobeen exposes some appalling examples of poor customer service and exploitative pricing in places as far afield as the Lake District, North Yorkshire and Sussex.

Regular readers of the Customer Service Blog will already know that Britannia Hotels have a terrible reputation for customer service and poor hygiene, as we have featured them several times already on this website. This programme features The Grand Hotel in Scarborough which is also owned by Britannia Hotels.

You can watch this fascinating TV programme on BBC iplayer by clicking the link below:

The Great British Staycation?

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