The 20 most inspirational quotes of Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is an American-British former kickboxer, who is now a hugely successful businessman and internet personality. The son of chess master Emory Tate, Andrew was born in 1986, in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Luton, England.

According to research conducted by Google, Andrew Tate is one of the most searched-for individuals on the internet, where he is very active on sites such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Tate is one of the most influential figures on TikTok, where his videos have been viewed over 11.6 billion times. He has over 1.4 million TikTok followers and over 3.4 million Instagram followers.

Although some people consider Tate to be a controversial figure, there is no doubt that he is also extremely inspirational for millions of people around the world. He has made hundreds of inspirational and motivational films, and below I have chosen my 20 favourite inspirational quotes from them.

“You are exactly where you deserve to be. Change who you are and you will change how you live.”

“Find a person who is as successful as you’d like to be, ask them what to do, do it and work hard.”

“The temporary satisfaction of quitting is outweighed by the eternal suffering of being a nobody.”

“You must put in the effort to get the life you want.”

“The faster you work, the more work you get done.”

“There is no light without dark. There is no joy without pain.”

“Your only option to level up is to begin talking to winners.”

“Your mind must be stronger than your feelings.”

“Freedom will only come when you no longer trade your time for money.”

“Arrogance breeds complacency and complacency breeds failure.”

“Do the impossible and you’ll never doubt yourself ever again.”

“Today you can act as an amateur or you can be a professional. Decide what you will do right now.”

“Emotional control isn’t a lack of emotion; it’s a necessary function of maturity.”

“High standards protect you from low-quality experiences.”

“Aspire to be a superhero. Not a normal person with a bigger house and nicer car.”

“Don’t listen to the advice of people who are living lives you don’t want to live.”

“Intellect is nothing without energy. Ideas are nothing without energy. High energy people win.”

“The man who goes to the gym every single day regardless of how he feels will always beat the man who goes to the gym when he feels like going to the gym.”

“Cost is the enemy of the poor man, so the poor try to save money. Time is the enemy of the rich man, so the rich try to save time.”

 “You are never going to have any of the things you want if you do not get them yourself. Nobody cares about you enough to do it for you.”

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